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1. Suggestions while manufacturing work and designing for applying Buzzer?
1) Suggestion for the designing
As for the products that give sounds out of them such sound part as our company product Buzzer, it is mainly located in the middle of product or near from the case that our Buzzer is applied for. Besides, there is a soundproof hole for arresting any sounds so as to get sounds out of product case on Buzzer. Therefore, designing for handling the following problems should be needed.
- Designing against the inflow of alien substances -
In case of inflowing of magnetic substances through the soundproof hole, a certain problem can be occurred by inflowing into the hole of Buzzer. Therefore, it's effective to put non-woven fabric on the front of that hole for preventing other substances from inflowing.
- Designing for protecting against external impact -
As mentioned above, Buzzer might be in weakness, because it?ôs located on the middle. Therefore, it had better be designed in the figure for keeping from external impact covering with rubber that is for absorbing any shock.
2) Suggestions while assembling
Buzzer should be assembled as closer on PCB as possible precisely for maintaining original characteristics of Buzzer. If some of parts would apart from its body in the reason of incorrect assembling, the quality you asked could be lost by changing original attributes of product because vibration of the working buzzer can affect to the Buzzer.
2. Suggestions while manufacturing and designing for applying speaker?
1) Cautions for designing
- Inflowing of external substances -
In case of speaker, particularly, the size of soundproof hole is quite a bit big. Accordingly, the size of soundproof hole on the case of the product with speaker must be large. Therefore, the possibility to make an error in working of speaker is in a high level by inflowing external substances to the speaker through a soundproof hole. So considerable design for that should be needed and necessarily consulting with our company about it may be required.
2) Suggestions while assembling
For our speaker, the space between parts inside is really tiny because it?ôs designed for the figure the most effective in the smallest size. Accordingly, the problem caused by excessive power can happen while treating our speaker especially in assembling the case. While piecing together, it should be assembled on the side parts that is relatively strong against external power physically rather than weak middle parts.